Klara Castanho: journalist who exposed the case is fired


Journalist Matheus Baldi was fired from SBT on Friday (15). He was part of the fixed cast of the program ‘Fofocalizando’, the channel’s evening attraction. Baldi was the first to expose the case of actress Klara Castanho, 21. At the time, the journalist published on his social networks that the young woman had given birth to a child after a pregnancy kept secret.

On Instagram, Matheus Baldi spoke about his dismissal and explained what were the reasons given to him by the direction of the program.

“I talked to the director of ‘Fofocalizando’ and he explained to me that, when I was hired and started to integrate the program, ‘Fofocalizando’ had an hour and forty duration. Afterwards, the time was reduced to one hour. many participants for the duration, because there is the news, the gossip, you have to deliver the content, so it was necessary to make this adjustment”, said the journalist.

Baldi also completed saying that there was no reason other than this for his departure and thanked his fellow program and the channel’s management for the opportunity.

wanted by F5the SBT press office confirmed Baldi’s resignation.

“The duration of the program was reduced to 60 minutes. For artistic reasons, the direction chose to reduce the number of commentators”.

The journalist’s dismissal comes weeks after information about Klara Castanho’s pregnancy and rape was leaked. Baldi was the first to publish information about the case. After negative repercussions, Matheus Baldi even spoke during the program and also had to hear a firm statement from the presenter Cris Flores, his colleague in the attraction, due to the way the subject had been treated by the journalist.

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