Edson Celulari is overjoyed with the arrival of his 3rd daughter in February


At 63, actor Edson Celulari is delighted with the arrival in February of his third daughter, the result of his relationship with actress Karin Roepke, 40. With two grown children, he admits that he likes the “father role” and that it will be great have this daughter in maturity.

The actor says that his daughter’s arrival was planned for some time and that they were waiting for the moment for it. He claims that the cancer he had four years ago interfered with the plans, but, having overcome this issue, they continued with the dream.

“My relationship with Karin is completely stable, made up of harmony and understanding. I think we are more than prepared to receive this new baby girl. As long as I have the strength in my arms, I will hold this child”, he says. laughing.

Celulari says that maturity brings many benefits and physical health declines over time, but the important thing is to be in tune with your real age. He says that he has always taken care of himself and is very healthy, despite the scare about cancer.

“I’m very happy with the idea of ​​being a father again, with a girl coming, a new daughter, I’m extremely happy, it’s something that excites me, takes me forward, that will definitely make me realize many, many projects within my craft, my creativity.”

Celulari tells that his wife, a first-time mother, is having an extremely peaceful and stable pregnancy. According to the actor, she has been attending the pregnant schedule with great pleasure and that, little by little, they are organizing the baby’s space.

The artist jokes that Karin has behaved a lot in relation to pregnant wishes. The couple has just returned from a trip to New York and the actress had no desire to get pregnant. “[Karin] also behaved very well [na viagem], I didn’t have any night to go out in search of some food craving, but it can still happen. I’m here on standby, ready, waiting by the phone for any call. Hoping, I’m ready here,” he says, wasting his spirits.

The actor’s oldest children – Enzo, 24, and Sophia, 18, from his first marriage to actress Claudia Raia – were delighted with the news that they are going to have a younger sister. The actor says that it will be a half-sister that they will receive with great availability.

“They know that the family grows and will be strengthened with the arrival of another girl, in this case. I think it has to be like that, this child will arrive to add and not to divide.”

The artist says that he fulfills the role of father with great pleasure, dedication and finds it beautiful to be able to follow the various phases of his children’s lives. “Sophia facing the challenge of living alone in New York in pursuit of her dream, Enzo independent and the little girl about to be born.”

“To be living this is a joy, a privilege I have in following each of these processes”, he says. “The little one will have her own dream and, in what I can support, I will be there.”


Celulari isn’t just lavishing happiness, he’s also been sharing some of that joy with his followers on social media. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the actor has been posting funny videos on his Instagram profile.

“I went to study a little [sobre redes sociais], I looked for advice and saw that it is a channel that we now have, it is a voice, a possibility for you to express an opinion on everything. Also to take during the pandemic a little relief, joy, a smile like that, something light,” he says.

But the actor admits that he’s having a lot of fun with the videos and that he’s relieved to be able to express himself with the funnier or deeper content he shares on the networks. He says that he had a great reception and affection from his followers.

“I started to realize how people were also living in the pandemic, in this forced isolation and difficulties. I also faced mine, but I was able to offer them something and that made me extremely happy and excited about the idea of ​​social networking. “

The actor also says that he worked a lot in this pandemic in audiovisual projects. He helped with the production of a ten-minute six-episode series written by the woman, which is finished and is due to go public.


Celulari, who had already directed two short films before the pandemic, directed and acted in a thriller, alongside his wife, who has the tentative name of “Contratempos”. He claims he’s deciding on another title for the film being finished.

“It’s a very well done entertainment film, I was very happy with the result, we’re still finishing, but soon it will be available for everyone to see”, he says, excited.

The actor can also be seen in the first half of 2022 in the second season of the series “Chuteira Preta” (Amazon), which was recorded in Rio Grande do Sul. “I hadn’t participated in the first [temporada] it’s the [diretor] Paulo Nascimento invited me for this second season, which has the title of ‘Legal Games'”, he explains.

Despite the difficult period that art has been facing in Brazil, Celulari is able to see many job opportunities for the artistic class with the arrival of streaming in the country.

“We have not only been facing a difficult period in the segment because of the pandemic, but also because of the reality in the country today from a cultural and artistic point of view. These are difficult times and the difficulties have increased a lot.”

For the actor, the pandemic brought many losses because it made collective practices where art was established and brought breath, dreams and fun to people impossible. According to him, the pandemic collected these artistic expressions and now, with the end of gradual isolation, artists will return even stronger.

“If it’s up to me and Karin, this child of ours, who arrives in February, will arrive [com a gente] working on a stage or on some Brazilian audiovisual set.”


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