Alexandropoulos: “We showed reaction and personality, answers on the field”

Alexandropoulos: “We showed reaction and personality, answers on the field”

Sotiris Alexandropoulos stood in the part of the reaction that Panathinaikos finally showed, in an interview with APE-MPE.

With the international media of the “clover” clarifying that he and his teammates must speak στους inside the stadiums now …

At the same time, Alexandropoulos noted that Panathinaikos will have a difficult task in the Cup with Volos, while he pointed out that the “greens” have a way to get a big victory against AEK, on ​​Sunday!

The statements of the 20-year-old ace of the “greens” in detail:

-You got a second series of “three points” on Sunday night (28/11) for the first time this season, however, the most important element is that -especially after the last interruption of the championship- you are now more calm in the field.

“Yes, it is true that we play with more calm and patience. During these two weeks of the break, I was absent with the Men’s National Team, but from the conversations I had with the other children, they told me that a very strong and different job was done during this time. And this began to be reflected in the stadium. We found more solutions in the last games … When they closed the trio, we put two attacking midfielders and we had more options and patience. Together with our coach, we developed a personality as players and we now have both calm and result in our game … “.

-Also, Ivan Jovanovic “opened” the rotation of the team much more, in order to “get out” the rather “forced” program of the eight games within 30 days until the holidays. And now everyone feels “active” members of the team and offers options …

“I agree … It is very important that many children who had not taken many participations so far, entered the game plan and showed that they deserve a corresponding presence and time in the team’s games. In general, we footballers must give answers on the field and not just … talk “.

-Two more very important matches follow: On Wednesday (01/12) with Volos in Leoforos for the “16” of the Greek Cup and the Sunday (05/12) derby with AEK at the Olympic Stadium for the championship. And then with a series of games until Christmas. Non-stop …

“We are happy to play a series of games. Especially me at a young age, I enjoy playing three games a week, because that’s how we develop as footballers. It is demanding, but we have to see every match on time and in turn … The match with Volos will be completely different in relation to the match of the championship (s.s. Panathinaikos had won 5-1 on the 4th competitive), because it has proven to be a very good team. And an opponent who -regardless of the result- always plays at 120%. I do not want to say much. We must not concede goals and be very careful throughout the match.

From there on, AEK follows and we have the opportunity to make a big match and make a great result. We recognize that he is a great opponent, with excellent units especially in the midfield, but if we are the ones who should, I believe that we can limit them and “hit” their weaknesses “.

Going towards the end of the first half of this season, what sign would you put in your presence so far?

“We are not happy at all in terms of points, we have lost many opportunities, at a time when our opponents also had several points losses. The only thing that satisfies me is that although we had negative results, we reacted, not only in terms of results, but also as individual players. As a team image. And this for me is the most important element, for the second part of the year that will follow … “.

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