Luísa Sonza has a hearing for racial slur scheduled; understand


The singer Luísa Sonza, 24, had a conciliation hearing scheduled by the Justice of Rio de Janeiro, due to a lawsuit for an alleged act of racism. The plaintiff claims to have been a victim of racial slur and seeks compensation for moral damages in the amount of R$10,000.

The hearing was scheduled for September 14 at 1 pm. Isabel Macedo de Jesus accuses the artist of having slapped her arm and asked her to give her a glass of water, in a harsh tone. The episode would have happened in Fernando de Noronha, during a gastronomic festival at the inn Zé Maria.

According to a statement from the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, Sonza claims that he was not performing at the Zé Maria inn – which is also sued by Isabel – and that he went on stage only to meet fans’ requests. The incident would have happened in September 2018.

The artist’s defense claims that she couldn’t have slapped someone on the arm, since she was on stage, and asks for the process to be extinguished. In addition, there is also a request that the plaintiff be fined for bad-faith litigation and for wanting to “enjoy financial advantages and obtain her five minutes of fame”. wanted by F5the artist’s advice did not respond until the conclusion of this text.

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