Jade Picon posts photos, Gabriel Medina comments and Paulo André fans revolt


On Tuesday night (26), Jade Picon decided to publish some photos with a sensual look. However, a comment by surfer Gabriel Medina made fans of Paulo André, the actress’ ex-affair during Big Brother Brasil 22, revolt.

After Medina posted images of a pair of jeans and a no-bike sign as a response, some followers began to criticize his attitude and approach. It is worth remembering that there are rumors that both would have stayed a few times.

“Here is Jadré”, wrote one, adding the initials of each name. “Get out of here,” wrote another. “Jade is from Paulo André”, posted another follower below Medina’s comment. Another follower was more aggressive: “Jade doesn’t want you, you depressive”.

An alleged kiss between Jade Picon and Gabriel Medina became a subject for internet users on Wednesday night (20) in a bar in São Paulo.

In addition, Yasmin Brunet would also have exchanged kisses with Jade’s brother Leo Picon. All this would have happened at the Galleria Bar, the establishment of the first-time actress’s brother, where he works as a DJ some nights of the week.

“Jade taking Medina and Leo taking Yasmin, after she took Xamã and João Guilherme, who already stayed with Jade. The famous love life is very busy. Dead Envy”, wrote an internet user about the situation.

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