Bolsonaro vs Lula: ‘Return to Argentina’, says Mário Frias to Paola Carosella

Bolsonaro vs Lula: ‘Return to Argentina’, says Mário Frias to Paola Carosella

Argentine chef Paola Carosella, 49, was once again the target of attacks by former Culture Secretary Mário Frias and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), candidate for reelection, for expressing his opinion on the country on Twitter after the election. his participation in the Saturday night of Jornal Nacional, on Monday night (22).

“What I really wanted was to live in the Brazil that this person describes,” wrote Paola on Twitter without naming the president. The publication had 1,200 comments, almost 100,000 likes and 11,000 retweets.

Frias criticized the chef and asked why she still lives in Brazil. “What are you doing here? Go to Argentina,” he wrote. “You really should want to live in your country of origin. Why don’t you go back to Argentina,” he added in another comment.

Other supporters of the president also told the chef to return to Argentina. “You always have the option of going back to Argentina,” wrote one woman, who shared in the post a report on inflation in the neighboring country. “I wanted to know what you’re doing here. Go back to your origins there, it’s better,” commented another user of the social network, who added emojis of smiling faces.

“Go back to Argentina, you’ll quickly realize that you lived in Brazil described by ‘this person'”, suggested an internet user. “Argentina is great. Come back. This is the Brazil that the Brazilian people want”, commented another person. “If there’s anyone who can’t complain in Brazil, it’s you. A country that opens its doors, that welcomes everyone with open arms. This country is wonderful,” said one Twitter user.

Another supporter of the president shared a story about hungry people digging up spoiled meat in Argentina. “Go back to your Argentina, hypocrite,” he wrote. One person criticized the post saying the report is old: “November 23, 2020? Are you serious!”

A netizen shared a photo criticizing Bolsonaro with pen notes in hand. “The unpreparedness is such as to write down what you are going to say in your hand (nothing that we didn’t already know)”, she wrote and even added the hashtag “Fora Bolsonaro”. Another person posted a photo of Jornal Nacional presenter Renata Vasconcellos, perplexed by Bolsonaro. “It’s very cynical, impressive. My face throughout the interview.”

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