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Authorities say 15 people have died in accidents in Turkey.

A passenger bus collided this morning with a parked emergency vehicle on the Tarsus-Adana-Gaziantepi highway, according to reports.

According to local reports, the accident killed 15 people, including three firefighters, two paramedics and two journalists.

As a result of the crash, the bus overturned.

Footage from the crash site shows people desperately trying to treat the injured amid debris littering the road.

Online, the tragedy is summed up in “Massacre”.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu issued a statement on Facebook.

he wrote:

“The preliminary findings are the result of an accident on the Gaziantep Nizip highway in which a bus collided with 112 health teams, firefighters and police.

The accident left 15 dead and 22 injured (Image: LeGazete)

Traffic was stopped in both directions after the accident (Image: Gaziantep Credit/AP)

Traffic was stopped in both directions after the accident (Image: Gaziantep Credit/AP)

A total of 15 civilians were killed, including 2 health officers, 2 IHA reporters, 3 firefighters, and 8 passengers.

“The injured people were taken to the hospital.

“Our governor, the chief of police, is on site.

“May God have mercy on our dead citizens and grant a speedy recovery to the injured.

Please do not cause legal accidents in Gaziantep https://twitter.com/legazetecom/status/1560929365852028928 15 people were killed and 22 injured in an accident involving a passenger bus and an ambulance in Gaziantep. Credit Legazette

A passenger bus collided with an ambulance, according to reports (Image: LeGazete)

The two journalists are from the İhlas news agency.

The two are said to have died when their car left the road and slid down an embankment after helping victims in the first accident.

Governor Dabut Gyuri, representing the Gaziantep region, visited the affected areas this morning.

The accident occurred at 10:45 local time, a local journalist confirmed.

“Initial reports indicate that 15 civilians have been killed, including three firefighters, two medical workers and two journalists,” the Galle governor said in a statement.

“Now the injured are being taken to hospital. May God never show such an accident again.

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