Pedro Scooby is stuck in the United States with his children

Pedro Scooby is stuck in the United States with his children

Pedro Scooby’s vacation with his children in the United States did not end as well as the former BBB had planned. This Thursday (1), the day of his return to Portugal, he made an outburst in the networks saying he was prevented from leaving the United States. The surfer explained that despite buying tickets in advance, the flight was fully booked and the quartet was stranded at the Los Angeles airport.

“Here I am, at the airport, and the airline attendant says, simply, that there is no place on the flight”, begins the former BBB. “They are relocating us to another flight and the detail is that there is no vacancy for the next two days”, adds Scooby.

Pedro, 34, also said that he and his children are expected to board on Sunday (4). “How crazy! Now I’m stuck here at the airport with the kids. I’m going to have to call Leticia [a skatista Letícia Bufoni] for her to come back and get me. You can’t do like that guy in the movie who sleeps at the airport”, complains the surfer. He, who is with Dom, Bem and Liz, fruits of his marriage with Luana Piovani, reinforced that he bought the tickets four months ago. craziness”.

The film that Pedro referred to was “The Terminal”, which tells the drama of Viktor Navorski. He went to live at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, after being denied entry to the United States because his country was at war and his documents were invalidated. The film directed by Steven Spielberg is actually a work inspired by the real life of Iranian refugee Merhan Nasseri.

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