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Zodiac signs: The predictions for today, Friday, September 2


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The day helps you realize your plans, since everything will come in handy. You are a person who can provoke with his eccentric appearance or behavior, but you still have many sympathies that will help you. The decisions you make today should be long-term and not just reflect your current needs or aspirations.

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You have boosted self-confidence and believe that the whole world is at your feet. Be careful with your movements though, because a wrong handling can cause significant problems… Some minor malaise may bother you during the day. Rest and take care of your body so you don’t leave room for your condition to worsen.

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Some crisis of insecurity or panic is not unlikely. Don’t let this feeling paralyze you and seek help from people you trust, love and who love you. You should invest more of your time and energy to strengthen your personal relationships, family or romantic.


You are dissatisfied today and in a bad mood. It’s a day and it will pass… Make sure you do something that will lift your spirits. Unleash your creative powers and spirit to lay the foundation for a new path in your evolution. Try new things and you won’t be disappointed with the developments. A new talent of yours will be discovered that will help you present important future steps forward in the professional arena.


It’s a day full of challenges for you! You feel some insecurity, because you don’t know which direction to move, but try to be honest in your communication. Perhaps you will realize how many opportunities you have lost lately due to lack of action or wrong handling and you will paint them black today. What happened, happened. Look ahead.


Impatience seizes you… You are troubled by the fact that, while you have done what you should, things do not say to change course. Did you expect too much in a short amount of time? Your ingenuity and quick reaction will be what will save you today from difficult situations. Take no chances and follow the diplomatic route…


A lack of balance and some disharmony does not let you enjoy a day with your loved ones. Something bothers you, something is to blame but you can’t decide. Your vision is lacking today and you may be working and striving for the best, but if you don’t know where you want to go, everything is useless.


If you let go and react spontaneously you will make a big communication mistake in your career field today. It needs careful handling and diplomatic language… If you are in a relationship you should show patience and trust in your partner, especially if your relationship is in its first steps.


Momentary inspirations can be extremely effective in highlighting your work and establishing a success with a great future trajectory. On an emotional level you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what fills you up and makes you happy. If you found it, keep it at all costs, if not, it must be out there somewhere waiting for you…


You will be irritated because some setbacks and delays will create significant problems for you at the work level. Control your reactions and nerves, because you will aggravate the climate even more. Don’t burden yourself with new responsibilities either, because your everyday life can’t handle an extra workload. Look for joy in the good things you have and don’t become advantaged…


Use your imagination and pleasantly surprise your partner. Planetarily, it is a very good day to get closer and rekindle your relationship. If you’re single, you might be looking for a new relationship lately, ready to share your feelings and everyday life with someone. Today is a good day to make an important acquaintance.


Enjoyment and fun are in store for you today! There is an air of success and things will begin to improve. But don’t neglect to enjoy your everyday life more and be happy with the good things that happen to you.

* The astrological predictions are by Alinda Kanaki for

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