Brazilian drag queen is confused with Lady Gaga at the singer’s show


Lady Gaga, 36, cried after having to close the show she was performing in Miami last Saturday (17), because of a strong storm and the possibility of lightning hitting the venue. But who had a good laugh was the Brazilian drag queen Penelopy Jean, 35.

Cover of the American singer, she attended the event all dressed up and was confused by fans with Gaga herself. She ended up causing a huge crowd of people wanting to take pictures and touch her. “I’m a drag queen”, warned the Brazilian, without being heard by the most daring.

The singer’s security team also ended up falling for the involuntary “prank”, making an escort so that Penelopy managed to get out of the crowd. “Even security thought I was Gaga and started escorting me,” she said on social media.

Klébio Damas, a digital influencer and friend of Penelopy, was at the scene and also made a publication reporting what happened. “Penelopy would wave goodbye and people would start crying”, he was surprised.

The confusion ended up becoming a meme on social media. “When Gaga turns around and realizes she’s not safe because they’re following the drag queen,” joked a netizen in the caption of a photo of the singer.

Penelopy, who is one of the main Gaga impersonators in Brazil, is one of the presenters of the show “Drag Me as a Queen”, on E! Entertainment. She’s already been with the real Lady Gaga in 2019. “I’ve never been happier,” she declared after the meeting.

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