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Learn everything about botox before making an appointment – Expert answers 8 questions


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How is the treatment done? It is safe; Does it fight the cause of wrinkles?

Botox, a treatment that is so easy and so safe but can bring unpleasant results if it is not done by a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The well-known dermatologist and professor, Stelios Angelidis* explains what to look out for when you decide to have botox treatment.

What should we pay attention to when deciding to do botox treatment:

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• Attention needs to be paid to the quality of the material to be used.
• Not in uncertified serving preparations.
• No abnormal dilution of the formulation. The result will have a short duration and will require immediate repetition, i.e. additional costs.
• Care must be taken at the points of application of the treatment for a natural result, without distortion, only with the correct application the expressiveness of the face is maintained.

Stopping the process that contributes to skin aging is simple, as long as it is done by a qualified doctor and in the right way. That makes all the difference!

What is botox?

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Allantotoxin is a toxin that acts on striated muscles in a reversible manner, which is why it is used to treat folds and wrinkles that are due in whole or in part to muscle contraction. Its application began in 1950 for the treatment of overactive muscles and later for the treatment of strabismus in ophthalmology. After 1990 it began to be applied to cosmetics. It is a completely safe method without side effects. It is not allowed to use the drug in patients with neuropathy, in patients taking drugs for neurological diseases.

How is the treatment done?

With the help of a tiny needle, a small amount of medicine is injected into various parts of the face: forehead, forehead, crow’s feet, contour, muscular plate. There is no pain due to the size of the needle and the small amount of material. Anesthetic cream is not needed. No one understands that you did something. Small, light, red marks at the injection sites disappear in 15-20 minutes or can be covered with make up. 3-15 days after application you look younger, fresher and therefore more cheerful!

Is botox a safe treatment?

The drug’s long history of no side effects has proven that it is safe even for cases where the amount used is much more than what a person needs to treat wrinkles. It is sufficient that it is done only by a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon and under no circumstances by a person who is not a doctor.

Does botox fight the cause of wrinkles?

Botox reduces the involuntary movement of the muscles that cause wrinkles. Thus, if the wrinkles have not yet formed on the face, by immobilizing the muscles that create them, their formation is significantly delayed. In the event that wrinkles have already formed, the action of botox leads to the gradual smoothing and reduction of their depth.

Botox is also called lunch-time treatment because it takes very little time for the treatment.

The results of botox treatment that come gradually, last 4-6 months while the procedure only takes 10 minutes. Usually no anesthetic is used and you can immediately return to your daily activities.

Can I do botox as many times as I want without a problem?

It has been proven that there is no limit to the number of botox treatments. That is, no matter how many times one proceeds with the treatment, the result always remains the same, without the slightest deviation in its effectiveness.

Will my expression “freeze” if I do botox?

Although the results are obvious, the botox treatment does not alter the facial features at all, nor will it betray the type of treatment as the result comes gradually and is completed in 2 weeks from the day of the treatment. Simply the involuntary movement of the muscles that cause wrinkles is limited resulting in their gradual fading.

If I decide to stop botox will my face be damaged?

Discontinuing the treatment means that quite simply, after the drug’s effect has passed, the muscles that had been inactive fully regain their mobility, resulting in the face returning to its pre-treatment state.

Does botox treatment hurt?

Botox treatment is one of the most painless treatments. By doing just a series of local injections with the thinnest needle available there is no pain at all, only a momentary discomfort in the treated areas. The discomfort does not last more than 10-15 minutes.

Stelios Angelidis, is a Dermatologist, Doctor of Medicine School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens

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