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“Listen to me”, an exhibition in Giannitsa with ceramic bells made by people with special needs from all over Greece ring out messages


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The bells swing in the sunny interior of the Ottoman building called “turbes” in the area of ​​Agios Georgios Giannitsa

Dozens of ceramic bells, in different sizes, colors and patterns, hover in the sunny interior of the Ottoman building called “turbes” in the area of ​​Agios Georgios Giannitsa. They sound, call and ask for understanding, love and care, as they are “made” by children’s hands.

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Hands of disabled children, who gave them a “voice”, to carry everywhere everything they feel, need and need to continue a flourishing life, without prejudices, molds and narrow margins.

“We want to share thoughts, concerns, anxieties, joys and dreams. In this case the bell was chosen as the symbol object. The bell with its sound invites people to stop what they are doing, to listen carefully”, says the ceramist-instructor of the Ceramics department of KDAPMEA Giannitsson to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency Angeliki Papadopoulou and notes that, “the visitor and listener of her sound, has the opportunity to wonder with an open heart, to listen to the necessity of interaction and mutual understanding with diversity and disability”.

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As she emphasizes, “it is known that people with special needs they tend to be viewed with prejudice by the rest of society and marginalized. This situation can only be improved if the two sides come together, if they manage to get to know each other and communicate, so that they manage to change the stereotypes. My participation in many foreign exhibitions enabled me to perceive, from a very early age, the value of an extroverted attitude and the creation of a dialogue with institutions and the city’s society. Our children enjoy this and participate. It is important that in ceramics they have their own talent which is unique. With the continuous support of the Municipal Nonprofit Enterprise for Culture and Development of Pella (DIKEPAP) and the Municipality of Pella, we have been making it happen for so many years. Together with the participants, we create a multitude of actions both in the city and outside it.”

Most of the bells, as Ms. Papadopoulou emphasizes, were made at the Ceramics Laboratory of KDAPMEA Giannitsa. Also, students of the Special Primary, Special High School and the Second Chance School of Giannitsa were invited and gladly responded and participated in the construction, a large number of KDAPMEA structures from Kavala, Serres, Edessa, Naoussa, Volos, as well as and ceramists from all over Greece. Participating in the exhibition with works and parallel actions, from Italy, the Associazione Pandora Ability, with a presentation by the ceramist at the Matres International Festival Female Ceramics, in the city of Cava de΄ Tirreni, and from Germany, the Werkstadthaus of the city of Tubingen.

Giannitsa- exhibition

I “LISTEN” that is, I am informed, I perceive, I pay attention, I am interested. The exhibition “LISTEN TO ME” is the second consecutive action of the workshop that has been held recently. With a central idea, a visual interactive triptych, entitled “LOOK AT ME- LISTEN TO ME- TOUCH ME”, which aims to awaken, arouse the interest of citizens, not only to listen to everything that young people, parents have to say them, the workers, the friends of the Center, but as ceramist Anastasia Papadopoulou typically mentions, “to share thoughts, concerns, anxieties, joys and dreams. This is the important thing for the children, the creators”.


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