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Geyser – Watching one of the world’s most impressive natural phenomena – Watch video


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One of the most impressive natural phenomena in the world are geysers, known by the name Geyser. These are a type of hot springs that erupt at regular intervals, shooting columns of boiling water into the atmosphere, which can actually reach a very high height.

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Iceland is one of the three countries that holds the reins in this excellent geomorphological phenomenon, even giving the name Geyser from the one and largest of all, the Great Geyser, to all geysers in the world. In the local language it is interpreted as “gushing with momentum” and this name perfectly matches what the eyes of thousands of people see when visiting it.

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A huge hole in the rock with a diameter of 8 m and a depth of 35 m, fills at regular intervals with gushing water that constantly throws out dense clouds of steam that often reach a height of 165 m. But what is impressive is the continuity, since this water it suddenly leaps out of the hole, forming a gigantic jet 30 meters high from the top of which smaller peaks spring up, approaching 85 meters high. Then its power subsides and most of the water returns to where it started, as if it had never sprung.

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