Ex-BBB Bianca Andrade loses 100,000 followers: ‘They can go’


Presenter and businesswoman Bianca Andrade, 27, also known as Boca Rosa, has lost 100,000 followers on Instagram since the announcement of her support for presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the 2022 elections. In late August, she revealed the vote and received several criticisms. This Monday (3), the former BBB 20 participant shared a print showing the stampede and pinned the now ex-followers.

“You can go! It’s good that I’m having a party of 18 million again, but this time with empathetic and quality people who defend the same causes as me!”, commented Bianca who even made a big celebration for the expressive mark of 18 millions of followers on the social network shortly after revealing political support.

Bianca also complained about the criticism she received the day after commenting on the election of Erika Hilton (PSOL), the first transvestite to get a seat as a federal deputy in São Paulo. She was the ninth most voted candidate in the state with 256,902 votes. “It’s to cry with emotion! My deputy, go with everything”, she said.

The ex-sister also revealed that she continues to receive messages from “boring and prejudiced people” due to the presidential elections and fired: “We are going to the second round pressing 13 hard”, concluded Bianda Andrade.

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