Surubão de Noronha: Porchat and Igor Cosso remember controversy at Gio Ewbank’s party


The birthday party of Giovanna Ewbank, 36, and Léo Fuchs, 40, drew attention – in addition to the looks and thematic from the 2000s – by making references to the controversial surubão de Noronha, a rumor that involved several celebrities in 2019 and became a one of the most talked about topics on the internet at the time.

Actor Igor Cosso, 31, showed in his Stories a space at the party where it was written “Surubão de Noronha”. Posing alongside Ewbank, Fuchs and Heron Leal, the actor enjoyed the joke. “I loved it,” he wrote in the caption.

Comedian Fábio Porchat, 39, also did not miss the opportunity to make jokes. In a selfie with several famous, the actor wrote only: “Surubão de Noronha”. In the photo were names like Thiago Rodrigues, Camila Queiroz, Pedro Scooby, Paulo André, Klebber Toledo, Douglas Silva and Giovanna Lancellotti.

In addition, Bruno Gagliasso, 40, husband of the birthday girl, also made reference to the controversy on his Instagram. When showing his look, also inspired by the 2000s, the actor introduced himself as Jack, “the pimp of the Noronha surubão”.


After the rumors about José Loreto’s betrayal of Débora Nascimento with Marina Ruy Barbosa (Gagliasso and Loreto formed a love triangle with the actress in Globo’s soap opera “O Sétimo Guardião”, a supposed erotic party in Fernando Noronha became a fever in the social networks in early 2019.

The story of the “group of actors from Noronha” was fueled when some famous people stopped following Marina Ruy Barbosa on social media. Gossip websites and programs understood the actions of Bruna Marquezine, Thaila Ayala, Fiorella Mattheis and Giovanna Ewbank, among others, as a defense of Débora Nascimento.

At the time, Gagliasso and Ewbank were partners at the Maria Bonita inn, in Fernando de Noronha (PE), where they usually receive friends and celebrities. In 2020, the actor opened another inn on the spot, alongside four more partners, called Maria Flor de Noronha.

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