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The zodiac today, Wednesday October 12, 2022


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Be careful not to make mistakes in your work. Don’t be abstract, try to show your boss that you know how to work properly when needed. Your imagination and intuition today may be relevant to your love life. Towards evening the atmosphere is more lively and you strongly feel the need for action and change.

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Do things just for you, even if you have to completely shut out others who have been overcharging you lately. With eccentricity and stubbornness you face the challenges of the day today, but at the end of this confrontation you may not be victorious.

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Control your passion, reactions and spontaneity today, because something will knock you out of your clothes and there is a risk of overreacting. Do not isolate yourself to protect your personal or professional interests. Communication is what will provide you with solutions and perspectives…


Some references to the past or memories from your past can cheer you up today and distract you from the difficult current reality. Deal with your home, family or personal life in the afternoon, because some things will need to be arranged immediately. Social life can wait…


Today is a day that favors action, from visions to action. But you should be firm in your goals and not give up trying with the first problems. Try not to disappoint loved ones who may need your support. It would be extremely unfair to them, since they also stood up for you.


You are preoccupied with your work to such an extent that it completely absorbs you. You have the opportunity to inspire those around you and rally them around a common cause. But don’t be aggressive with those who can’t follow your speed of thought. Distance yourself from something that is not efficient or productive and spend time in other areas of your life.


You are in a predicament, at a catalytic point in the transition period. Don’t be afraid of changes and problems. You have already achieved a lot and in the near future the results will be spectacular. Your emotions will improve and your professional advancement will satisfy you very soon. New opportunities and proposals will fill you with optimism, as long as you take advantage of the opportunities and keep a low profile


The day is favorable to discuss your personal needs and desires. Do not tire your nervous system and find an outlet for relaxation. Financial deals and partnerships can be easily reached. It is an excellent time to make decisions about your financial affairs. Secret deals, contracts and investments await you.


Perhaps you should lower the bar of your expectations today and put your personal or professional goals on a more realistic footing. Spend some time with your loved ones today and forget about worries. Also take care of your health or fitness.


Your day is calm and your business affairs are going well. Having pushed aside many of the obstacles that have come your way, you have managed to record success in a short period of time. So celebrate your successes, but don’t rest on your laurels. Take advantage of this lull and do things for yourself that will rest and refresh you.


Your mood is not good today. The reason for this will be your partner or someone from your home. Be realistic and put aside useless pessimism today. Many events are predicted in the emotional sector that will spoil your mood. Rest and don’t let the tension inside you grow.


Get away as much as you can from the troubles and problems that surround you and give yourself a chance to relax and regenerate physically and mentally. You feel a little disappointed and your psychological state is not good. Confide your problems or concerns to someone you trust and you will lighten up.

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