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Cesar Tralli pays tribute to his mother, who died in a plane crash: ‘Eternal love’


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Cesar Tralli, 51, took advantage of Wednesday (12) to honor his mother, Edna Tralli, who died in a plane crash in Paranapanema (261 km from SP), last Sunday (9). “My mother was a life lesson from the beginning of her life,” he said.

The presenter of Jornal Hoje (Globo) thanked the support he has been receiving from fans. “Thank you so much for the thousands of messages that comfort me so much,” he wrote on social media. “And that come from all corners.”

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He then went on to record Edna’s story. “[Foi] a woman who was born in the countryside, with 8 more siblings (3 males and 6 females in all)”, he said. “A woman who — in childhood and youth — cut sugar cane in the cane fields around Jaboticabal, in the interior of São Paulo.”

“A woman who harvested cotton, who harvested peanuts and who sold the product of her harvest, of her sweat, from door to door and in football stadiums”, he continued. “A woman who faced enormous difficulties, without ever losing her sweetness, enthusiasm and the joy of living.”

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“A woman who wasn’t afraid to ask for help,” she said. “And that she always carried food baskets in the trunk of her car to help someone in the middle of the street.”

The journalist said that she was always an inspiration. “Whenever I felt sad or down for some reason, I thought of my mother,” he said. “Look what she went through. She raises her head and goes to fight. To this resounding resilience, other important lessons were added. Ethics. Generosity. Love for others. Optimism. Compassion. Unshakable faith.”

He also said that his mother was having a great time. “My mother Edna says goodbye to us abruptly at age 74. She was young. Happy. In love. Flying — literally — with her boyfriend Euclides, who was a professional pilot on the civil plane for 36 years. Another irreparable loss too. I was very fond of him. “

“I wanted so much mom dreaming even higher next to her love, closer also to my 3-year-old youngest”, he lamented. “From her 13-year-old sister. But today I feel that Mom is close to her daughter, Gabi. My special sister, infinite love.”

“Anyway. If I can continue to honor my mother’s legacy, that will bring me a lot of comfort,” he said. “It’s what I truly seek.”

Tralli even sent a message to her mother. “Mother, enjoy your reunion with Gabi. Do what she loved so much: dance. Dance happily there with the angels. I’ll keep applauding you from here”, she wrote. “Eternal gratitude. Eternal love.”

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