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Presenter Bárbara Coelho denounces harassment and reveals: ‘I decided not to shut up anymore’


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Presenter of Esporte Espetacular, Bárbara Coelho denounced a case of harassment she suffered on social networks. The Globo contractor revealed this Wednesday (19) that she received a video of a man masturbating with a photo of her and even tagged her so she could view the images. The journalist even confronted the aggressor, named Rodrigo, who still mocked the promise of a lawsuit for cybercrime. Bárbara asked for the support of the followers to denounce the account.

“A guy posted a video on his twitter account masturbating to a video of me. I messaged him saying I would sue him. He said women are raped and nothing is done. Why would anything happen to him masturbating at home with a video of me?”, questioned the presenter, who managed to take down the aggressor’s account in the late afternoon.

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“Thank you for everyone’s affection. I’m taking legal action. I’ve received reports from many women and there’s only one way for us to turn this around: reporting. It wasn’t the first time I went through this, and I know it won’t be the last. I just decided not to shut up anymore”, warned Bárbara.

Before, the journalist had even released a print of the conversation, which she had with the man on social media. “Prosecute? Arrest? You don’t know you have a lawyer for what? Are you now the judge who arrests and judges? I want to see if I’m going to prison anyway. Don’t you know the law? It’s almost like I’m going to be arrested for masturbating inside my house… Even those who molest women on the streets or rape are not arrested, imagine me because of a video of me inside my own house,” wrote the aggressor.

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Barbara did not hide her anger and said she didn’t have the strength to repost the video. “I don’t want to ‘be strong’ again. I’m disgusted and I definitely don’t have the stomach to repost the video. But I would like your support to report it,” she said. Finally, she spoke about the impunity of the aggressors. “That’s it! Women are raped and nothing happens. Because me, in the comfort of my home, molesting you, will anything happen? This is the tweet of the day,” she added.

Recently, she was on the program Encontro com Patrícia Poeta to talk about a scare she had during an app car trip. Barbara said that, shortly after getting into the car, she felt a strong smell and began to feel dizzy. She used the means of transport to go from her home to a medical appointment, and, realizing the situation, she sent a message and the location in real time to a friend. “I made a complaint to the company, I didn’t make a BO, the company said they are doing an internal investigation and the driver was removed”, she said.

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