The proof that a green sofa is more versatile furniture than you think


The green color in a basic piece of furniture in your home may scare you at first, but it can often take the place of a more neutral color, at least in its emerald or olive shades.

It is a very good and smart way to make a space more earthy and warm, especially if this space has other bright or dynamic colors.
And talking about basic furniture, I am referring to the sofa, which is a statement for every living room and is easily combined with many colors as I said, but also with many decoration styles.

It seems that those who invest in a green sofa are attracted by a color palette with earthy colors, mustard, gold and wooden details.

After all, wood does not need recommendations and matches whatever you decide to put in your space. Either in terms of color, or as a decoration, or as furniture.

The walls around a green sofa

Neutral walls will bring out a dark green sofa without competing for attention. Green depending on the shade you choose, is a cool color and cool colors create a relaxed mood in a room.

But green is also a color you find in nature, so it can be combined well with other earthy colors such as brown.

If you want to keep the atmosphere of the room cool, a light gray wall will create a relaxed background for a dark green sofa. But if you prefer to use warmer colors to balance the room and make it more cozy, paint the walls in a shade of brown, beige or off-white.

Floors for a green sofa

Since green is a natural color, a brown hardwood floor or brown carpet is compatible with green. A dark floor gives the room a lot of depth and drama, while a light floor will make bright colors emerge.

A rug is the best way to introduce a different texture and pattern to the space. It also helps to “soften” the hardwood floor and delimits the living room area.

Tip: If you want to give more emphasis to the dark green sofa in a room with a modern look, choose a black and white rug with a geometric pattern.

Furniture matching a dark green sofa

The type of furniture that best fits a dark green sofa depends on the style you prefer. For something more traditional and luxurious, velvet furniture with colors in tones of red or gold, or neutrals, such as brown and chocolate, will go great. Chairs covered with white fabric contrast with the dark green while keeping the room more “light” and modern.

Wooden furniture on the other hand is a safe but convenient solution.

Decorative matching a dark green sofa

Pillows and throws in designs that incorporate the other colors of the room will beautifully complement your green sofa while making a beautiful contrast.

On the other hand, gold finishes provide an elegant look and can be used in many ways, such as gold lamps or gold frames.

With a dark green sofa, decorating ideas can be almost limitless, as long as the artwork and accessories incorporate the color and tone of the sofa.

Place green accessories throughout the room in at least three different places and in small doses for a more harmonious result. For example, place an emerald jar on a shelf or in your dining room.

This will make the sofa more in harmony with its environment and balance the green color with the rest of the room.

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