Fans point to Harry Styles’ ‘silent boycott’ of Adidas over Kanye West’s lines

Fans point to Harry Styles’ ‘silent boycott’ of Adidas over Kanye West’s lines

Harry Styles, 28, is secretly boycotting Adidas over the brand’s longtime ties to Kanye West, 45. At least, that’s what fans of the British singer believe, after he stopped using the brand amid backlash from anti-Semitic comments made by the rapper.

Those who follow closely have noted that Styles wore an Adidas x Gucci Gazelle sneaker during virtually every performance on the “Love On Tour” tour, which debuted in September 2021. Vans red sneakers.

On social media, fans noticed the change, which occurred before Adidas announced that it would terminate the contract with West. Some Jews were grateful for the attitude, while others decided to join the protest, saying they would also stop wearing Adidas sneakers and using the hashtag #boycottadidas.

This Thursday (27), Kim Kardashian’s ex commented on his financial losses after the end of the agreements he had with several brands. “I lost $2 billion [mais de R$ 10 bilhões] in a day and I’m still alive,” he said. “This is love speech, I still love you, God still loves you. Money is not who I am, people are who I am.”

The controversy began when West wrote on social media something like “alert against the Jewish people”, after which he had his Twitter and Instagram accounts restricted. He also said in an interview that “Jewish media” was trying to silence him and struck an initial deal to buy the social network Parler, popular with conservative audiences.

Styles, in turn, did not speak specifically about the rapper’s lines. However, he has a history of taking a strong stand against current issues in society. In 2015, while still in One Direction, he asked fans during a concert not to attend SeaWorld, after allegations of animal abuse.

Analyzes by a specialized company pointed out that the speech caused a 13% increase in negative citations to the enterprise. At the time, the water park suffered an 84% drop in profits, which had already been declining since the release of the documentary “Blackfish – Animal Fury” (2013).

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