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Taylor Swift on ‘Les Misérables’: They made me look like a dead woman and it was like a nightmare


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When asked to go to London to audition, Swift said she jumped at the chance even though she knew she wouldn’t get the part

Taylor Swift says he knew from the beginning that he would not be cast in the film “Les Misérables” of 2012.

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Speaking on BBC One’s ‘The Graham Norton Show’, The singer – who has just released her new album ‘Midnights’ – recalled not doing well when she auditioned for Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of the iconic stage musical, revealing she knew she wouldn’t be cast.

“I basically prepared for two roles,” Swift explained. “I had the look of Cosette and the vocal range of Éponine, so it turned out I was there with a good range, but not for long. I wasn’t going to get any part.”

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When she was asked to go to London to audition Swift said she jumped at the chance even though she knew she wouldn’t get the part. “This is not an experience I will ever have again in my life,” she recalled telling herself at the time.

But that excitement didn’t last long. “When I got there I got dressed up in 19th century clothes and they told me they were going to dye my teeth brown and I said, ‘I’m going to do that after I meet Eddie Redmayne right?'” he joked.

They didn’t. “They made me look like I was dead and it was like a nightmare,” Swift said of her panicked state. “When I met Eddie I didn’t open my mouth to speak!”

Hooper said in 2019 that he ultimately didn’t think Swift fit the character of a poor girl who goes unnoticed.

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