“Fleishman is in Trouble”: Jesse Eisenberg suffers a midlife crisis – Watch trailer


The series is expected to premiere in February 2023 on Disney

Her best-selling book Taffy Brodesser-Akner it was released about 3 years ago and very quickly became loved by the readership worldwide. This year, we are expected to see the TV adaptation of “Fleishman is in Trouble”, to remember all the reasons that made it one of the most beloved stories of recent years.

Fleishman is in Trouble stars Claire Danes and Jesse Eisenberg

The two, having been married from a fairly young age, reach a point where they understand that their symbiosis has become unbearable. So, they decide to get a divorce and make a good restart in their lives. Toby Fleishman even wants to re-enter the dating world by trying apps and online dating, since his parenting duties are now limited to weekends.

And while he dreams of a carefree life from now on, where he will have the chance to find himself again, his ex-wife seems to have different plans. One day, he leaves the children at his house, earlier than they had agreed and disappears. Thus, Toby ends up trying to find the edge of the thread and be able to balance between his obligations as a father, his work, but also the world of dating, which seems quite new to him.

Rachel’s disappearance forces Toby to rethink a lot

Toby thought he had figured out everything that went wrong in his marriage. However, this new situation helps him to review and see what he really ignored all this time. Together with his company, which is also made up of women and men at a critical turning point in their lives, he is called to redefine himself and start again from the beginning, this time more consciously.

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