Antigone: From the British “Love Island” candidate for the Greek participation in Eurovision


The Greek Cypriot singer who upset the British Love Island declares that she is ready to represent our country in the competition.

Invited to “Our Breakfast” and Fay Skorda, the Greek Cypriot singer Antigoni Buxton – known in England from her participation in the British “Love Island” – appeared and spoke about the claim of Greek representation in Eurovision 2023.

Antigoni mentioned her love for Greece, while when asked about her candidacy for Eurovision 2023, she answered: “I have prepared three songs for the contest, but one is my favorite! It will be a dream for me to represent Greece at Eurovision!”.

He also revealed that the song he has submitted will consist of both Greek and English lyrics!

In an interview with Britain’s Metro recently, Buxton said: “I submit three songs but one in particular is my favourite. It is an up-tempo, powerful, fiery and romantic track with Greek and English lyrics. The combination of modern sounds and Hip-hop production with Greek traditional sounds and melodies is my style.”

Antigone also said that it is very positive that Eurovision 2023 will be held in the UK instead of Ukraine because of the war.

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“I think I have the unique advantage, because the competition will take place in England! I have my platform there and I will be able to promote the song and the participation of Greece”.

In the show together with Antigoni, her mother, who is a well-known presenter-chef on an English channel, was invited and together they talked about the love they have for the country and also about their relatives in Greece.

Who is Antigoni?

According to, Antigoni will be one of PANIK Records’ proposals to ERT, for the promotion of the Greek representation at Eurovision 2023.

Antigoni is 26 years old and grew up in London, but she speaks Greek very well, since it was her first language.

The Greek Cypriot singer was one of the players of the British Love Island, which caused a great sensation with her participation in the game. In fact, before she entered the game she had 30,000 followers on Instagram, but these skyrocketed to 700,000 followers after she entered.

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