Arcrebian breaks record in A Fazenda and reaches 90 days confined

Arcrebian breaks record in A Fazenda and reaches 90 days confined

Arcrebiano, also known as Bil Araújo, celebrates this Monday (13) his 30th birthday. Among the last pedestrians still confined in A Fazenda 13, which ends this week, the physical educator talked about having started 2021 at Big Brother Brasil, followed by No Limite, and amended in A Fazenda 13.

“Trintão, brother. Within the reality show. Trintão”, commented the participant, who beats his record of confinement in this last program, with 90 days on the farm until this Sunday (12). “I started the year in a reality show and I’m going to end the year in a reality show,” he said.

“Oh, it’s true, Bil… Geez, nobody kept condensed milk, right? I’m going to make Bil’s cake with cream,” Marina replied.

In all, he has spent up to today (12), 134 days on the air in realities, not counting the confinement before the premiere dates of the programs, and considering the entry and elimination days. The number is equivalent to about 36.7% of the year.

At BBB 21, which started on January 25th, Bil was the second eliminated after only Kerline, having stayed until February 9th -16 days. In No Limite, he aired on television from May 11, the show’s debut date, until June 7, when his elimination was shown, in a total of 28 days. In A Fazenda, Arcrebiano stayed from September 14th until now, in a total of 90 days.

The final of the program takes place on Thursday (16). If you follow the same pattern as last year, the final will have 4 pawns. “Until the day of the decision, the 13th season of the reality show still promises many surprises and emotions that will shake the dynamics of the pawns who are still in the dispute”, says Record.


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