Is sex the new exercise? – Read what the experts say


Before you ditch your gym membership, read what the experts say about sex as a form of exercise

I’ll describe a feeling to you: Your heart beats fast, you feel your quadriceps burning and endorphins permeating your entire body. What came to your mind? Exercise or sex? Or maybe both?

The association of sex and exercise is not misplaced, especially when you consider the results of a Lovehoney survey, according to which 71% of Americans ranked sex as one of their workouts, while one in 10 watch the calories burned during sexual activity.

So can an intense sex life replace your gym membership? gathered expert opinions on whether sex works out and has all the answers on the health benefits of sex, as well as which positions work you out the most.

How beneficial is sex for health?

Chances are, you don’t need more reasons to indulge in the sexual experience, but in addition to the pleasure it gives you, this sensual activity seems to be associated with a number of health benefits.

Pippa Murphy, relationship and sex expert comments on “A healthy sex life is a key component of a happy and healthy life. Sex releases endorphins, hormones that help us relax. It also burns calories and improves blood circulation, preventing the risk of heart disease.”

Murphy also reveals more about how sex works as a method of exercise. “Sex requires more oxygen than other forms of exercise, which means you breathe harder for longer. The increase in heart rate caused during sex contributes to the health of the cardiovascular system, keeping the heart strong and improving blood flow throughout the body.”

If you don’t have a partner for sex toys, don’t worry, you can get the same benefits by taking care of yourself.

If all this did not convince you, try to remember how you feel every time after a sexual experience. Sex helps you relax, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and gives you better sleep.

Does sex count as exercise?

If you’re thinking of ditching the treadmill and giving in to your passions, the results will be somewhat modest: A 2013 study found that sex burns fewer calories than jogging, but more than walking. So, this is a moderate workout.

On the question of whether sex could be considered full training, the answer of experts is controversial. “It depends on the benefits you’re looking for,” explained Dr. Catherine Dukes, sex therapist and educator at The Center for Connection & Desire LLC.

“If you want to build muscle or improve cardiovascular fitness, sex is not enough to replace a workout. But if you want to make sure you’re physically active every day and take care of your body in ways that keep you active, then yes, sex can be the best workout.” Sex trainer Senna Miller agreed that it’s not enough to replace gym time. “Sex is no substitute for a solid workout,” she said

If you combine it with regular walking, muscle training and stretching, sex can prove to be a beneficial part of an active lifestyle. It just shouldn’t be the only form of activity.

Which sex positions are most like a workout?

According to Lovehoney, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl or Stand Up are some poses that could make you feel pleasure while enhancing the fitness benefits.

To try these pleasure-inducing, health-boosting poses, sex expert Javay Frye-Nekrasova (MEd) recommends doing some prep work to maximize the benefits: Stretch your wrists in Doggy Style or tighten your legs in Reverse Cowgirl to increase strength. “For an even greater physical challenge, try a standing position where one person has their legs wrapped around the person standing,” suggested Miller.

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