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Carey Mulligan: She went through postnatal depression – I felt alone and scared


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The actress hopes the film will spur a more open discussion around the condition

Carey Mulligan she keeps her personal life out of the public eye. However, this time the British actress spoke about the postpartum depression she went through after the birth of her first child.

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For this confession Mulligan took courage from Megan Twoywho along with journalist Jodi Kantor exposed his scandal Harvey Weinstein and caused his worldwide movement #MeToo. Mulligan plays Twoy in She Said, who was on maternity leave and suffering from postpartum depression when she took on the research with Cantor.

“One of the parts of the script that touched me the most was Megan’s experience with postpartum depression. “I had a similar experience after the birth of my first child seven years ago and I felt very alone and very scared and also very confused by the whole experience,” the actress told People magazine.

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Twoy speaks in the film for the first time about the problem she went through as she did not even mention it in the book she wrote with Kantor, which forms the basis of the film.

“We don’t talk about our personal lives,” Twoy told People. “We just focus on work.” But in the film adaptation there is a point where it shows the lives of two working mothers as they hunt for evidence of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct. “The research coincided with one of the most vulnerable times in my life,” Tuoi added.

“I think Megan should include it in the film [το πρόβλημα υγείας της] when he didn’t mention it in the book it was just great,” says Mulligan. “And I wanted to talk about it and say it’s horrible, and there’s a way to overcome it. There are so many people going through this. I think movies just always allow a conversation (like this) to start.”

The actress hopes the film will spur a more open discussion around the condition. “I felt like I was completely alone when it happened to me. And in fact, so many people have experienced it. Megan has experienced it and so many of my friends have, too, and we all feel horrible, like we’re the only person who’s ever experienced it.”

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