Guns N’ Roses: No drones at concerts – Axl Rose “got them”.


People were outraged, said the singer of the popular band, which is touring Australia

Filming concerts with drones it’s a new development that Axl Rose isn’t too fond of.

Their leader Guns N’ Roses shared a statement about the practice on social media, detailing how distracting the drone was during a live concert.

“There were a few drones on this leg of the tour. During last night at Australia’s Gold Coast there was a lot of indiscretion,” Rose said.

“It was a distraction because obviously someone thought it was okay to do that, but also to get so close to the front of the stage and then actually on the stage.”

“People were outraged,” added the Guns N’ Roses singer. “But no matter how much fun you’re having, you’re still trying to stay focused, do your job and give the fans the best concert,” he noted.

“We understand that it might be ‘fun’ to get the pirated drone footage, but we would appreciate it if anyone planning to become a drone pirate would consider the fans and the band and play with their toys somewhere else,” he said. Axl Rose.


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