Casemiro or Casimir? National team player and streamer are confused in the Cup


After netizens confused the players Richarlison and Richarlyson, a new mistake has now emerged involving the player Casemiro, who scored the first goal for Brazil against Switzerland, and the streamer Casimiro, who has been breaking records in his transmission of the World Cup games.

“Wow, I’m getting very confused when they talk about Casemiro with Casimiro”, wrote a viewer. “Every time you say ‘Casemiro’ I think of Casimiro on the field, there’s no way”, said a second internet user. “And my father who swore that Casimiro (streamer) was Casemiro (player). He thought the guy was going to broadcast the Cup playing”, published another.

The player Carlos Henrique Casemiro, better known as Casemiro, defends the Brazilian national team with the number 5 shirt, in the defensive midfielder position. He currently plays for Manchester United in England. Before, he went through teams like São Paulo and Real Madrid.

Streamer Casimiro Miguel is from Rio de Janeiro and started to be successful doing lives on the internet, through the social network Twitch. He usually reacts to reality shows, soccer games and comedy videos. This Monday (28), its broadcast of the game in Brazil and Switzerland reached 4 million views.

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