Sophia Valverde prepares to leave SBT after ‘Poliana Moça’: ‘Let challenges come’


Despite being only 17 years old, actress Sophia Valverde already has several productions under her belt and almost 10 years on SBT. Known for bringing Poliana to life in “Poliana Moça” and “As Aventuras de Poliana”, she now says goodbye to the character —and also to Silvio Santos’ broadcaster, 91— to pursue new projects and goals in acting.

“We had several farewells: for the scenery, dinners, meetings and parties for everyone to say goodbye. This goodbye to the character and SBT was not easy. My contract ends now, at the end of November, and I had been at the station since 2013”, she says, who played Poliana since 2017.

For Sophia, having grown up and matured on TV alongside her character –and the audience– made the discoveries and dilemmas of adolescence better. Now, in the final stretch of the soap opera, she says she feels the public’s support for Poliana’s relationship with her best friend, João (Igor Jansen). “Almost 100% of the public can’t wait”, she says, in an interview with F5🇧🇷

For the future, she intends to continue acting and is already preparing to record a film in early 2023, in Rio de Janeiro. “I still can’t give details, but I also dream of starring in a musical series, like Disney’s ‘Violetta'”, adds the artist, who has Tini Stoessel, protagonist of the series, as one of her main inspirations.

She also says that she has as references the careers of Maisa Silva, Ariana Grande, Nicette Bruno (with whom she already worked in the play “O Que Terá Acontecido a Baby Jane”) and Larissa Manoela, a co-worker in the soap opera “Cúmplices de um Resgate”. (SBT, 2015). “Larissa is a great artist. I think it’s very important to have such young artists that I can be inspired by.”

Towards the end of the year, the artist claims that she is preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family and friends. In addition, Sophia hopes that new doors will be opened and that she can expand her repertoire of work in acting. “I really believe that God opens doors and I’m very grateful to Him for everything I’ve done so far: four soap operas, three films and a theater play. Here’s to the next challenges and characters!”

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