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Chihli Baba: The unknown island of Messinia with “buried” secrets – Watch video


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The embalmed body of Paul Bonaparte, Napoleon’s nephew, who died in Nafplio on September 7, 1827, is also buried in Chihli Baba

At the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese there is a small island that appears on almost all sites that advertise Messinia and makes many people wonder about such a beautiful and special location. In fact, its name is as strange as the secrets it hides in its lands.

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It is located at a very short distance from Pylos and many people call it Fanari, because of the lighthouse that has existed since 1873 on its southern edge and illuminates the night routes of ships in the surrounding area. But his real name is Chihli Baba and many recognize him from the characteristic much-photographed vertical hole in the middle of the island, where according to tradition, if a pregnant woman passes through it, she will have a boy.

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Right next to this vertical hole, to the east of the island, there is a small jetty from which one can climb into the interior of Chihli Baba and listen to the story that the gentle sea breeze will tell him about the place itself, as well as to learn about the secrets that have been buried in its soil for years now.

The island of Chihli Baba

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