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World Cup: Pé-frio, Fábio Porchat goes to the game and Brazil loses to Cameroon


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Fábio Porchat, 39, used social networks to assume that he is cold-blooded and that he was responsible for Brazil’s defeat by Cameroon, in the World Cup in Qatar. He went to the stadium this Friday (2) to watch the game because he believed there was no chance for the Brazilians to lose to the Cameroonians.

After the defeat of the selection, he shared on social networks an excerpt from the interview he gave to Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, on the podcast Quem Pode, Pod, talking about his strategy to not harm the Brazilian team. He was in the games that Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany and 2-1 to Belgium.

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“I see key defeats. That’s why I’m going to the group stage. Because there’s no way we can lose to Cameroon. We’re going to win against Cameroon. I’ll take that confusion away from me”, said the comedian, drawing laughter from the audience. female presenters.

On social networks, the comedian was called Mick Jagger – who has a history of being cold-hearted because the teams he supports lose games – and netizens asked to prevent him from entering the next games. Journalist Andréia Sadi commented on the video post of Porchat’s interview on Instagram saying that he is cold-footed and commented: “Someone needs to stop Porchat.”

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Actress Dani Suzuki called the comedian “damn cold feet”. The comedian Yas Fiorelo joked with Porchat making an invitation: “What do you think about participating in ‘De Volta Pra Minha Terra’ [antigo quadro de sucesso do Domingo Legal que atendia o desejo das pessoas em dificuldades de retornarem para sua cidade natal]🇧🇷 So many good things here in Brazil”, he said. “Come back”, commented Fernanda Paes Leme.

“What if in the next World Cup I become only a commentator and don’t go to the stadium???”, tweeted Porchat. Internet user Jaiane Valentim responded to the tweet with a proposal: “Before you leave, can you go to the Argentina game with their shirt, please?”

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