The Voice: Great voices, strategy games and great challenges


The judges with big smiles welcomed us to another episode of “The Voice”. They heard great voices and had too much trouble choosing the best ones

One of the contestants who stood out was Manolis Schinarakis. The 26-year-old sang for the first time on a big stage and managed to “win” Panos Mouzourakis with “Ki memena here”.

Manolis is now a member of the “Drummers” and the only thing that is certain is that he will be taught many useful things in the continuation of the competition. In fact, the performer from Rhodes stated that he sings what is sung and Panos told him that in the next phase of the competition a huge challenge awaits him.

“Battles” will also feature Maria Pasalidou, who created a “controversy” between Sakis Rouvas and Konstantinos Argyros. The young singer said “We don’t talk” and made Sakis press the “magic” red button. The other three judges did not turn their chairs because they have narrowed the margins in this particular phase of “The Voice”. Unfilled positions are now minimal.
Kostantinos Argyros may not have given the coveted “yes”, but he claimed Maria to the last drop and declared that he will try to “steal” her in the continuation of the competition.

The only thing that is certain is that big surprises and upheavals will follow.

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