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The zodiac today, Friday, December 9, 2022


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A sudden change of programming will upset you, but you will not be able to react due to force majeure. Only late at night will the situation turn for the better. Among the possible scenarios of the day is that you get information about a problem you are facing. Those of you who are professionally engaged in something creative, you will experience an explosion of ideas.

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You might give a handle to comments today or a reason for the envious to fight you. A conversation will affect your mood! Don’t let them hurt you so easily. Shield yourself! The evening promises tender moments with your partner.

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Some opportunities presented today, after clever handling and support of others, offer you new prospects in the professional field! But communication is not your best card for today. Take things easy and don’t respond to challenges.


You are in a predicament, at a catalytic point in the transition period. Don’t be afraid of changes and problems. You have already achieved a lot and in the near future the results will be spectacular. Your emotions will improve and your professional advancement will satisfy you very soon. New opportunities and proposals will fill you with optimism, as long as you take advantage of the opportunities and keep a low profile


Shake off unnecessary burdens and re-evaluate your goals based on current data. Perhaps there will be a final break with a friendly person and the interruption of your relations. Maybe it’s better, when relationships are on the decline… Your communication, especially with your partner, is favored. Open your heart and tell him how you feel about him.


Take care of your body because you have been stressing it a lot lately. Change your eating habits, make sure you get more rest and don’t let problems deprive you of sleep. There are solutions for everything. Your finances are at a critical juncture! You will face pressure and you will have to be aware of how you should move properly.


There is deception in the air, even if everything shows otherwise! Be careful in your movements so that you don’t regret it soon… Be careful of expressing your feelings with expressions of anger, because the situation will get out of control and there is even a chance of injuries.


There is a disharmony in the atmosphere and your day will be anything but harmonious. Care will be needed in your friendly relationships, as there is a strong possibility of conflicts with loved ones. You may be asked or required to volunteer some of your free time to work for pay. You will be rewarded in the near future for your offer of this…


Leave your worries and worries aside and make sure you have a good day. If you are looking for your other half, get out of the house today and have fun with your friends! But avoid looking for your fortune through social networks!!! It won’t do you any good… If you are committed, pay a little more attention to your partner’s feelings and mood.


The day will remind you as it progresses that you should also plan for possible difficult days to come. Get your finances in order and start saving if you can. Your relationship will also be at the center of your interest, but there is a strong feeling of dissatisfaction.


The recent successes seem to have taken you out of your mind and you are presenting an arrogant attitude! Recognize the role those around you have played in your success and give them credit. Make a good assessment and a prioritization of your activities. Engage directly in what can be profitable or enrich your knowledge and experiences.


Someone in the workplace will try to put you down and insult you, motivated purely by feelings of jealousy towards you. Ignore him, the incident is worthless. However, a little fatigue that you may feel should not be ignored. Your body needs rest. Lighten up your schedule and relax

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