Katie Moss’s younger sister rants and says the model never supported her


Katie Moss was criticized in an Instagram post by her younger sister, 24 years old. Lottie Moss reflected on her life events over the year and said that the British model never supported her journey through the fashion industry.

The youngest began the publication by stating that she went through ups and downs “mentally” this year and that it is difficult to have all her movements observed by the press. “This year has been crazy for me, I started in the worst place of my life and ended up in the best place I’ve ever been mentally,” she said. Being in a toxic industry and being judged in the paper constantly since I was 16 has been really tough and it really took a toll on me,” she explained.

The model acknowledged that carrying the last name of someone known helps, but skewered her sister by saying that Moss was never “really supportive”. “So I had to navigate it on my own and do the best I could, which I feel like I did,” she said.

Lottie even completed and talked about how everything is relative and that everyone has gone through some trauma. “Please be kind. I say how I feel hoping this doesn’t sound like ‘poor me’. I hope next year is my best yet and thank you for all your support,” she finished.

The British model made the decision to leave the fashion world in 2021 and join the OnlyFans platform, where she shares several sexy photos. At the time, she said in an interview with the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast that she loves taking nude photos and empowering herself. But that she does not intend to record erotic videos.

“That’s the only thing I don’t do. I don’t want to point the finger at those who do, to each his own. It’s just not for me,” he said.

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