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Who is Miriane Ferreira, a lawyer who went viral on social media and ended up on television


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A year ago, Miriane Ferreira, 36, a lawyer from Paraná, did not imagine that matters such as alimony, property sharing and inheritance would make her a digital influencer with 1 million followers. Much less that, with the success on the networks, she would be invited to command a segment on family law —Direto com a Doutora— on the Faustão na Band program. But that’s what happened.

“I never thought it would take on such a large proportion, I started my Instagram in September last year. At the beginning of this year, it started to grow in an unexpected way. I didn’t expect it, I was very averse to the social network, I had never posted anything on my life”, said the lawyer, who is called “Legally Blonde” (in reference to the 2001 film) and “kinga” (slang for queen) by fans.

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Doctor Miriane, as she is also known, says that she just wanted to warn women of their rights in marriage so as not to be deceived by “princesses”, the way she refers to men who lean on their partners and put their goods in the name of third parties to not having to split in separation. “Many women live together [com o parceiro]have nothing to their name and believe they have no rights.”

The lawyer reveals that the inspiration to create content on the networks on these topics came from home. She says that her mother was abandoned by her husband, raised four children alone and, years after separating, entered into an abusive relationship. At that time, aged 15, Miriane left home and also ended up living in toxic relationships. “I saw that if I didn’t strengthen myself, I would be a victim, just like my mother was.”

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After entering law school —her mother’s dream was to see her become a judge—, she began seeing people at the school’s Legal Practice Center, meeting several women in vulnerable situations. “I was disgusted with everything I saw, I saw my life there, my mother’s life”, says the lawyer, who fell in love with the area.

Over time, she specialized in family law, criminal law and psychoanalysis – which has helped a lot in serving her clients and posting on social networks. “I think I’m a therapist for my clients who arrive destroyed [no meu escritório]🇧🇷 What I give them as advice… is a liberation”, says the lawyer. Currently, she divides her time between her master’s degree in law and technology, her husband, three children, daily posts on the networks and customer service on the internet. law office, in Londrina (PR).

Exposure on networks and television, however, has yielded unusual situations in Miriane’s life. One of her followers even called the office to ask if she had stopped recording the videos, only to discover that her husband had blocked her profile. “I say that this is a sign that my work is working”, concludes the lawyer.


Best property regime in wedding – “The partial community of goods for people who really want to build something together. The separation of goods is harmful for the woman –with few exceptions– because she is the one who will have the child and will be bound to him forever, while the man has time to acquire wealth.”

testament is important – “The will needs to be normalized because, when one of the partners dies, the other will automatically be 50% poorer, as he will have to share half of the assets with the children. The ideal is to make a will indicating that, in addition to the 50% to which he is entitled, he must receive another 25% of the inheritance to keep most of the assets. Thus, those who stay do not have to sell, for example, a house or commercial space that is rented and that generates income.”

Alimony – “Don’t accept any amount of child support at the time of separation to quickly get rid of the problem because it is very difficult to change it later.”

Equity on behalf of third parties – “Do not let the partner put the assets built by the couple on behalf of third parties because this is asset abuse. Many men do this so as not to share the assets with the woman and, to revert it, it is necessary to hire a lawyer.”

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