Survivor All Star: It’s Time for the First RUN – Watch the Trailer


Premiere tonight at 21.00 on SKAI, hosted by George Lianos

A few hours separate us from the long-awaited premiere of Survivor All Star tonight, at 21:00 on SKAI.

A different start, equal to the best players of the Greek Survivor with moments and pleasures that they will miss during their stay on the island makes the landing in Agios Dominicos “sweeter”.

But then, although the Survivors think they know what awaits them in the game, the changes they will encounter will make them reconsider.


The welcome party with which George Lianos welcomes the players to the island is followed by the first match which leads to a very important prize. The Survivors turn Blue and Red and enter the arena for the first fights! Their militancy hits red and the sequel is unpredictable!

The first moments on the beach also show the first groups, while the Island Council will highlight the first candidate to leave. Which name will Giorgos Lianos announce?

The following week is full of challenges with immunity matches and a prize match, two more Nomination Boards will highlight the remaining candidates to leave while on Wednesday a Survivor will have to leave Santo Domingo.


Premiere tonight at 21.00
and every Sunday to Wednesday at 21.00.





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