Survivor All Star: Supplies run out and players reach their limits – Watch the trailer


Continuing its dynamic course in television viewing Survivor All Star in yesterday’s episode it also maintained the lead in its broadcast time to the dynamic audience with a rate of 19.1%, in .

For one more day Red team lost immunity and found themselves in the difficult position of voting. Despite the previous discussions among themselves in the hut about the consequences of a tie at the ballot box, the Celebrities ended up highlighting two candidates, the Eurydice Valavani and the Spiros Martikas.

Supplies are running out and players are reaching their limits. Tonight’s immunity match will decide if the Red team will be the one that loses one of its players or the Blue team will also be sent to the poll.

The Red Team

At the Island Council, Spyros Martikas speaks of betrayal while new plans and strategies are revealed by other Survivors. By what criteria will the team that loses the match vote tonight? Will the competition prevail or will the friendships and alliances make the surprise? A Council…. fire brings unexpected developments!

Survivor All Star: it’s not a game, it’s survival!

Sunday to Wednesday at 21.00


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