Survivor All Star: Defeat and crash landing for the Fighters – Carolina nominated – Watch video


Just before the final immunity match, the Blue they appeared ready to enter the playing field and give the already overwhelmed opponents their “free shot”.

Instead, however, the Redsdespite the most important absences they had, managed to be more adequate and complete an emphatic victory with a score of 10 – 4.

Before the two teams left for their huts, Kostas Papadopoulos managed to sow the seed of discord among the Blues, predicting that Vassalos will not be in danger and the votes will go to two girls. So it happened. The two girls collected the group’s votes, with Karolina being upvoted and becoming the first blue candidate of the week, against three Celebrities, Kostas Papadopoulos, Eurydiki Valavani and Spyros Martikas.

Survivor All Star, on SKAI: it’s not a game, it’s survival!

Sunday to Wednesday at 21:00


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