Oikonomou to SKAI: “Does SYRIZA want a sledgehammer or libraries?” – What did he say about Kalogritsa and Floros?


The government representative spoke to SKAI about the SYRIZA spot, the EYP, Mr. Floros, the Kalogritsa case and the elections

The government spokesman launched an attack on SYRIZA for its spot in which it says that “the police enter the universities and beat” Giannis Oikonomouspeaking on SKAI’s Today show, with Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos.

In detail, Mr. Economou emphasized:

“Beyond our differences. When you hear higher education, Greek universities. The first thing that comes to your mind is that the Greek police come in and beat you? Do you want to reach out to young people and this is the first thing that comes to your mind?

This is not what Greek universities are like. Greek universities are knowledge, they are education, they are libraries, they are research, they are international distinctions, cooperation with foreign universities. They are opportunities for the new guys to pave the way ahead.

SYRIZA presents this picture of Greek universities for two reasons:

First of all because he is trapped in interpretation syndromes and performances of the last century, of other decades. She has not realized that the goal for the new year she enters the university is to read better, to get a better education, to finish her studies, to develop them, to do her master’s degree, her doctorate, to get as much education as possible can, to cope with international competition.

And Secondly why is SYRIZA unable to answer very simple questions: Sledgehammer or library? Gangs that destroy or organized state that builds?

We have a new asylum law that has led to vastly fewer incidents of violence in higher education than we had in the past. We have a molotov law, which has prevented many revolutionaries from doing these devastations. We have a number of interventions that have greatly improved the situation.

And in the face of all this we have an answer that brings to mind what? Do you remember the entry of the police into the student residence of Zografou who caught those thugs who had done it, they went out and stole and put what they stole inside. Is this a picture of the Greek police entering the universities and beating them?

Does SYRIZA have this image of Greek universities?”

With regard to the monitoring and the case of AGEETHA Mr. Florosthe government spokesman pointed out:

“We have said many times that if there were some within the EYP circles who operated outside the context and did such things, they will be seen, they will be proven, there will be no shadow left.

The Government did not sit idly by. People left the EYP and there were also changes regarding the internal EYP and a series of moves that shield the legal connections of political figures.

If there is a responsibility on the part of the government, it is that there may have been some within the EYP who operated out of context. As soon as this was detected the changes were made.

I wonder if they have the rudimentary intelligence in the opposition as to who benefits from attacking Mr. Floros. I wonder if they read what is written in the Turkish press. We asked directly if they trust AGEETHA. They do not trust the head of the armed forces who managed the crisis in Evros, the provocations of Ankara, who has shielded the borders, etc. These are unacceptable things that go beyond political opportunism.

Referring to the elections, he emphasized that “the exact date of the elections is something that the prime minister will announce shortly”.

About the Kalogritsa case and the testimony about bags of money going to SYRIZAMr. Economou commented:

“Here is a witness without a hood. He went and said that bags of money went to SYRIZA. We have not seen SYRIZA sue the witness, but Mr. Pappa. Mr. Kalogritsas has been saying this for years. Has anyone sued him? No. What was the benefit of a certain system sending these suitcases of money to SYRIZA. What services had he done? Specific answers are due.”

End, referring to the bill on criminal organizations that want to run for offices, emphasized:

“Criminal organizations and those convicted of participating in a criminal organization should not be candidates. What the government is trying to do is to prevent democracy from being tampered with by fascists who say it is not my party, but my cousin’s, etc.

They are looking to SYRIZA and it’s a shame, to justify the hard line no to everything and yes to nothing, science fiction scenarios behind this bill.”

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