Survivor All Star: A tempting food prize and an emotional exit – Watch video


First program at the time of its transmission to the whole and dynamic audience

For the first time in yesterday’s episode there was such a significant difference between the two teams in the competition part with them Reds to win their 10-4 Blue. The Survivor All Star won the interest of the television audience, which kept the program in first place for one more night at the time of its transmission with a percentage of 19.9% ​​in the dynamic audience and 19.1% in the general audience.

Reds and Blue are passionately thrown into the arena of battle tonight at 21:00 to . The match progresses point by point and one team is called upon to cope with difficult conditions with two of their key players out.

The winners’ joy at the prize of food seems to doubly frustrate the losers. The tension between the two teams carries over to the Withdrawal Board as players on both sides speak their truths to the chagrin of their opponents.

Survivor All Star

An announcement of Giorgos Lianos causes mixed feelings in the Council while one…against the old makes its reappearance!

George Lianos

The departure of the week fills the team with sadness as they lose one of their players. THE Kostas PapadopoulosThe Spyros Martikasthe Eurydice Valavani or the Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva Will he say goodbye to Santo Domingo?

Survivor All Star, on SKAI: it’s not a game, it’s survival!

Sunday to Wednesday at 21:00


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