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The Happy Traveler in India and the Taj Mahal – Watch the trailer


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The 3rd Part, on Saturday January 21 at 17:45, on SKAI

The Happy Traveller completes his top journey to Indiaon Saturday 21 January with the end of the classic route of the golden triangle and the visit to the city of Agra and the famous Taj Mahal.

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Our travelers go to Ranthambhore National Park on safari in the hope of seeing tigers up close. In the neighboring town, they climb high on cliffs to see impressive Hindu temples inside caves while at night they spend the night in a very special room – tent.

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Further along the route, they stop and see a very strange huge stepped well, where they have been collecting water during the monsoons for centuries. Soon after, they stroll through the impressive red city of Fatehpur Sikri and admire the imposing palaces.

The Happy Traveler in India

The last stop on their route is the city of Agra, home to the historic Agra Fort and the majestic Taj Mahal! The world-famous attraction, considered one of the most important architectural creations and included in the World Heritage Sites.

The Happy Traveler in India

#happytraveller: travel show from real travelers!

Every Saturday at 17:45, on SKAI

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