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BBB 23: Gabriel and Fred Nicácio are now best friends; understand


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This Tuesday morning (24) Gabriel and Fred Nicácio starred in a conversation at BBB 23. The brother went to apologize to the doctor for the way he spoke in the game of discord the night before (23) and said he was willing to change and redeem himself.

“I want to become better and to be forgiven I need to forgive others, nothing comes close to what I said to Bruna. I wanted to ask you for forgiveness so that one day I can be forgiven”, said the model.

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During the discord game, Gabriel chose Fred as one of his “bombs” and said that that would be the last day they would be together, as the opponent would be eliminated the next day. Fred countered by saying he was sure that if Gabriel was walled up instead of him, “the whole country” would take him out of the game. “A pity that the race was a matter of luck, focus and skill. But Brazil wants your blood.”

After spending the night feeling resentful, Gabriel decided to apologize to his brother. “It felt like you were on top of me yesterday, here, sitting on my chest.” he said. Nicácio then praised the boy’s attitude.

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“I was positively surprised that you called me to exchange ideas because it wasn’t going to come from me, because of that, we crossed a very fine line, both you and me. I was talking to the people in the room that I hate doing what I do I did yesterday. A part of me that is mine, without the game, which I hate having access to. Stabbing.”

Gabriel adds: “I don’t want you to be a fake guy with me, for us to hug, for us to jump in the pool together hand in hand, it has to be something natural. When we go outside we’ll meet. Imagine if we bump into each other there at a party, I don’t want to tell you all that there”, he said, about a possible meeting outside the “most guarded house in Brazil”.

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