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Janja asks for R$50,000 from a Jovem Pan commentator who said she smokes marijuana


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The first lady of Brazil, Janja, sues influencer and commentator for Jovem Pan Pietra Bertolazzi in the amount of R$ 50 thousand. Lula’s wife (PT) was not happy to hear the columnist say live on the station that she would use marijuana. Information about the opening of the process was first disclosed by columnist Ancelmo Gois and confirmed by F5.

According to the Court of Justice of São Paulo, the action for moral damages was distributed on January 23 and is still in the initial stages. In the comment that motivated the action, Pietra insinuates that Janja’s friendships would be harmful and that she would use drugs.

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“While you have Janja there hugging Pabllo Vittar and smoking marijuana, doing whatever, you have an impeccable woman representing the right, values, kindness, beauty, which are relativized, yes, when you see Janja doing the farofa she makes”, declared Pietra, in praise of Michelle Bolsonaro.

As a result, Janja went to court to seek compensation, considering that her image and honor had been damaged. She also wants the video taken down.

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When contacted, Jovem Pan had not yet responded. Through social networks, Pietra opened a box of questions. In one of those that she answered, she stated that she had already won this process against Lula’s wife, something that was denied by the TJ. In addition to the fact that the action was registered at the 1st Civil Court of SP in the Pinheiros forum (west zone) in January 2023, there are no other previous ones in which both are involved.

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