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Daniel Alves’ wife says she is the target of hate attacks and exposes messages


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Spanish model Joana Sanz, 29, wife of former Barcelona player Daniel Alves, 39, said she has been the target of hate attacks following the arrest of her husband accused of sexually abusing a woman at a nightclub in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve. . On Friday (27), she exposed some of the messages she received in Instagram stories.

“You have a rapist husband!”, “Did you approach him for the money?”, “Accomplice to a rapist”, “Stupid, skinny, idiot, talking bitch”, and “Now you jump like the f*cking mouse you are from sinking ship” were some of the messages received by the model.

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On January 25, Joana deleted most of the player’s photos from her Instagram account. The few photos of her husband that still remain on the model’s social network are in posts where family members appear, the couple’s dog, or are old. Before that, she denied that she supported Daniel in the case of sexual abuse, contradicting a report published in the newspaper Vanitates.

Joana said that the newspaper did not understand her message shared on social networks. According to her, the phrase “heart, endure so much pain” said in a video was not a message of support for Alves, but for herself, who has been going through a difficult time in her life with the player’s arrest and the recent death of her mother as a result. of a cancer.

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“Lie. Do not misrepresent or misinterpret what I say. ‘Heart, endure so much pain’, it’s from me to me,” wrote the model in the caption of a photo of the excerpt posted on Instagram stories.

The player has been imprisoned since January 20 in the Brians 1 penitentiary center, on the northwest outskirts of Barcelona, ​​accused of sexually abusing a woman. On the same day, Joana used social networks to ask for privacy and complain about the presence of journalists in front of her house at such a difficult time.

“My mother died a week ago, I started to accept that she is no longer here and they start to torment me with my husband’s situation,” wrote the model. “I lost the only pillars of my life, have a little empathy instead of seeking so much news in the pain of others.”

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