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Tiago Leifert talks about his daughter’s treatment against cancer: ‘Ups and downs’


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Tiago Leifert used social networks this Sunday (29) to talk about the treatment of his daughter Lua, two years old, diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer, last year. He posted videos on Instagram stories saying that his daughter’s treatment is long and there is still no forecast for discharge.

“Lua entered the 16th month of treatment today. Oncological treatment is just like that, it’s long, it’s difficult. It has ups and downs, so, still without prediction, she will continue treating”, said the journalist.

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Leifert said that his daughter is in the mischief phase and that he and his wife Daiana Garbin need to pay extra attention. “Now she learned to do somersaults and jump on the sofa. So, Daiana and I spent 90% of the time talking ‘no, Lua!’, ‘careful, Lua!'”

The journalist also recalled that this Sunday marks one year since he and his wife shared a video talking about their daughter’s illness and cancer treatment to help other parents seek medical help to make an early diagnosis of the disease.

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He said that his initiative was successful and that several children who had retinoblastoma were taken by their parents to the doctor thanks to the information in his video. “We would like it to continue working. And also bring the message of having an ophthalmologist in the children’s lives. It is very important to take the child to the ophthalmologist every six months.”

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