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BBB 23: Amanda asks brothers for help with a clogged bathroom: ‘I pooped small’


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Amanda Meirelles made the other participants of BBB 23 laugh by asking for help to unclog the bathroom, this Sunday (29). The brothers from Quarto Deserto were talking about votes when they were interrupted by the doctor talking about the problem after using the bathroom.

“I went to the bathroom and I think it was clogged because I made a small poop and it didn’t go down”, explained the doctor making everyone laugh. Larissa tried to calm Amanda down. “Friend, they come to unclog”, she said. Shoeface even got up out of bed to help telling her to use the faucet, but was stopped. “Shoes, there is a lot of intimacy”, said the doctor.

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“But I felt embarrassed because it wasn’t even my best. It was a little, impossible that it didn’t go down”, continued Amanda explaining herself, while Shoeface couldn’t stop laughing. “I swear, I only made a little acorn, I have the capacity to clog the bathroom because I haven’t been there for many days”, said Amanda.

On social networks, Internet users also had fun with Amanda’s situation. “I’m pissing myself laughing remembering Amanda saying she clogged up the bathroom and the [Cara de] Shoe lifting to unclog,” tweeted @flawlessboz.

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Other netizens said that now she is worried that clogging the toilet is an excuse for voting option. “Amanda worried about getting votes next week because she clogged the bathroom with her little shit”, commented @lizcomentou.

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