Survivor All Star: Fighters Walked Out: ‘Shame On You’ – Watch Video


The bad loss in Santo Domingo – For the first time no match was completed.

The bad doom in Agios Dominicos. His last match Survivor All Star it was pretty tough resulting in a lot of injuries. The match went all the way to 8-6 with the Blues in the lead and needing just two wins to eat the pizzas. The players who would score to get the two points were Spyros Martikas and Marios Priamos. Quite by chance the two players realized at that point that they are injured and do not wish to continue, without the necessary permission from a doctor. The Fighters thought they were doing it to avoid defeat and preferred to withdraw. For the first time, a match was not completed.

The victorious Reds to save their image went to the prize area but did not eat the pizzas as they said it would be unethical on their part.

The question naturally monopolized the interest of the Council of the Island. Most of the players took their time and positioned themselves, while Spyros Martikas’ attempt to personify the decision of the Blues against Elias Gotsis in order to hurt him as he often does lately caused a sensation.

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