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Ben Affleck: How the beloved actor became the world’s biggest meme – Why Jennifer Lopez scolded him


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Funny Affleck is no more. In his place there is a man, who looks like all of us

Ben Affleck has a life many of us would kill for. He is rich. Is beautiful. He has reached the pinnacle of his career behind the camera (winning two Oscars as writer and director) and in front of it (the guy was literally Batman). He has been romantically linked with some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and is currently married to Jennifer Lopez.

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And the night of their ceremony came Grammy Awards and there was destruction! In one photo after another, Ben Affleck looks downright frustrated. He stares into space, doesn’t smile, doesn’t even try. He looks like someone who has successfully distanced himself from everything around him, someone who would rather retreat into the comforting maelstrom of his own mind than give in to it all.

Unfortunately for Ben Affleck, the internet also saw these photos and reacted accordingly. However, this is not the first time that the actor has inadvertently turned into a meme and gone viral. Ben Affleck has it all, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy any of it.

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Funny Affleck is no more. In his place there is a man, who looks like all of us. Why aren’t we all, deep down, looking for someone who looks like how we feel?

Let’s not mistake this face for boredom. For a man of his stature, simply being fed up with the people around him and being treated as “booty” is a normal reaction. Ben Affleck looks exhausted and overwhelmed. For him, the Grammy Awards ceremony is, quite simply, boring.

And just like that, his wife, Jennifer Lopez, was caught on camera scolding him and asking him to try harder and look like he’s having fun. To appear friendlier. And Affleck’s response was jaw-dropping: “Maybe, I will.”

This is Ben Affleck. A man like all of us…

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