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‘I think I behaved badly,’ says ‘Round 6’ veteran accused of sexual harassment


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Accused of sexually abusing a 22-year-old woman in 2017, actor Oh Yeong-su, known for playing player 001 in the “Round 6” saga, finally seemed to acknowledge some guilt. According to the Hollywood Reporter, to journalists from South Korea who followed the first day of the court, he said: “I’m sorry, I think I behaved badly”.

The veteran actor, winner of the Golden Globe in the category of Best Supporting Actor for the series “Round 6” (Netflix), was never arrested and until then denied the accusations.

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The alleged victim filed the complaint against him in December 2021, but the case was closed four months later without a formal charge against the actor. The Suwon Public Prosecutor’s Office reopened the case at the woman’s request.

In an interview with Korean broadcaster JTBC, Yeong-su explained that he only held the woman’s hand to guide the way around a lake and that he apologized. “But that doesn’t mean I admit to the accusations,” Yeong-su said.

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Yeong-su was born in 1944 in the city of Kaesong, which is now part of North Korea, but moved with his family to the US-controlled south. The actor began acting professionally at age 23 and has spent most of his career in theater – he has appeared in over 200 stage productions.

Before “Round 6”, Yeong-su was known for his role as a monk in the award-winning film “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring” (2003), by Kim Ki-duk.

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