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Government wants to deliver 96,000 homes in the 1st half, but does not foresee new hires


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The Minister of the Civil House, Rui Costa, announced this Tuesday (7) that the government intends to deliver 96,000 new Minha Casa, Minha Vida homes in the first half of this year.

The Executive will prioritize the completion of 69 condominiums that had work started and another 70 that have already been approved. Costa said that President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) will go to Bahia next Tuesday (14th) to “relaunch” the program and that a provisional measure will be signed to define the “new molds” of public housing policy.

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Despite this, the president of Caixa, Rita Serrana, said that there is nothing certain about contracting new projects this year.

“It will depend on the government budget. If you manage to hire this year, hire this year and start, but the priority is to finish [as obras em andamento]because the work stopped the cost is very high”, he said.

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“Just to give you an idea, we have 69 works in progress, the majority contracted there in 2016, 2015, which were stopped during this entire period. Our objective now is to speed up, as Minister Rui said, the delivery of these 69 works”, he said.

And he continued: “There are over 70 approved works that have not left the paper, are stopped, or at the beginning of the works”.

Rui Costa, in turn, said that “the whole focus” will be on concluding and delivering around 120,000 units of track 1 of the program, for families with lower incomes.

“The vast majority are over 60% built, but we want to and here I already ask for the commitment of each employee, manager and director, so that we can, who knows, deliver around 80% of these units in the first half of this year, ensuring the necessary resources for the works to return at the necessary pace”, he said.

The statements were given at an event that brought together the managers of the Caixa Econômica Federal service network. The Minister of Social Development, Wellington Dias, also participated.

He stated that he will present to the Chief Executive a proposal for a provisional measure to detail the program’s criteria and counterparts.

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